The Jerusalem Church


Edwin Crozier, evangelist of the Franklin Church, presented a Special Series of Lessons from January 2005 through December 2005.  The following lessons encourage us as a local congregation to follow the pattern of the most successful local church of any time, the church in Jerusalem:

To Boldly Go Where We've Never Gone Before (01/16/05)

Devoted To Worship (02/06/05)

Becoming One Heart and One Soul (03/06/05)

Nip It In The Bud (04/03/05)

Losing No One In The Crowd (05/01/05)

No One Can Do Everything! (06/05/05)

Bold In The Face Of Rejection (07/03/05)

Do Not Rely On Free Agents (08/07/05)

The Jerusalem Vision, by Edwin Crozier (10/02/05)

What Made It Work In Jerusalem?, by Edwin Crozier (12/04/05)

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