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The Shadowy Gospel: Take & Eat


      The gospel is clearly revealed in the New Testament Scriptures.  With the hindsight of the N.T. Scriptures we can see Godís plan from the very beginning. Genesis 2-3

A.      The Gospel in Genesis

1.      Serves as the starting point of redemption in the Book of Beginnings.

2.      Serves as a shadowy backdrop between the sinful type (take and eat) and its righteous anti-type (take, eat) by those who have partaken of both.

3.      Gives Christians another means of sharing the gospel to the lost.


I.         The Gospel Through the Fall of Adam and Eve

A.      The Perfect Setting

1.      Godís crowning creation (man) was placed with the tree of life at his disposal. Gen. 2:9

2.      His task: tend and keep the garden. Gen. 2:15

3.      The remainder of his life on earth would be to enjoy the blessings of God: dominion over all creation (animals, plants, the earth itself).

B.     The Choice

1.      The tree of knowledge of good and evil: boundary, choice, and a grave consequence.

a.      Providing law gave man 1) a choice 2) what God desires 3) consequence if choosing against Godís will. Gen. 2:16-17

b.      Man ultimately chose based upon his own fleshly desires.

2.      Even through this God gave man a future hope of victory. Gen. 3:14-15

II.       The Gospel Realized in Christ

A.      The Sinful Setting

1.       Man fallen because of sin. Romans 3

2.       Without hope. Eph. 2

3.       He is separated from God, though God is near to those seeking Him.

4.       Lost to an eternity of torment.

B.     The Choice

1.       Through the knowledge of Jesus Christ man can be freed from deathís grip. Eph. 1:17

2.       By choosing what God desires hope for eternal life is once again realized (through Christ).


A.      The Perfect Setting

1.      By taking and eating man plunged into separation between himself and God.

2.      Through Christ we can look forward to ďtake and eatĒ of the tree of life forever. Rev. 22:1-5


Glory to God in the church by Christ Jesus
Franklin Church of Christ