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Stumbling Blocks


      How often do you make judgments about others who think/believe different than you?

A.      They are too “liberal” or too “conservative.”

B.     They don’t understand this passage or subject matter like I do.

      These judgments are based upon our past and current knowledge of what constitutes “God’s will.”

      How do we heed the warningnot to put an obstacle or a stumbling block in a brother’s way”? Romans 14:13


I.         Preliminary Truths

A.      God Wants All Saved

1.      Christ died for all. Rom. 14:9, 15

2.      He doesn’t want any lost. 2 Pet. 3:9

3.      He keeps those who belong to Him safe. Rom. 8:31ff

B.     Christians Have Baggage

1.      This is true today as it was in the 1st century.

2.      This type of “baggage” makes practical fellowship a challenge.

C.     Christians Don’t Want to be Stumbling Blocks

1.      No Christian wants others to stumble in their walk with God.

2.      In fact, we want others to be as faithful to God as possible.

3.      The fact is, we are at times guilty of being “stumbling blocks.” Mk. 9:42

D.     The Weak in Faith

1.      These are not “babes” in Christ nor necessarily ignorant in Scriptures.

2.      Instead, their salvation depends more on righteousness through the law than by faith in Christ. Rom. 9:31-32

E.     Those Strong in Faith

1.      Are not necessarily the most knowledgeable in God’s word.

2.      No, these base their salvation “in Christ” and not “righteousness through the law.”

II.       Don’t Be Stumbling Blocks Romans 14:13

A.      Let Us Not “Judge”

1.       In Other words. Cp. Matt. 7:1-4

2.       Nothing is unclean of itself. V. 14

3.       Is Paul only talking about “meat”?

4.       How does this apply to us today?

B.     Opinions

1.       Can I purchase a product or service if my money goes to something I oppose?

2.       Can I use material (that is true) to teach God’s word from people I believe to teach error?

3.       Can we park our cars here and car-pool to go somewhere else?

4.       Etc., etc.


      Biblical Application:  The kingdom of God is about … righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. cp. Vss. 17-19


Glory to God in the church by Christ Jesus
Franklin Church of Christ