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Christ, Not Carnality
Theme: Minimizing man to maximize Christ.
Colossians 1-3


A.      There is something just as grievous as a carnal lifestyle Ö a carnal way of believing and serving our Lord.

B.     When we Ö

1.      Limit the fullness of Jesus as deity in bodily form.

2.      Create man-made commandments.

3.      Ö We minimize Him and maximize us (man).


I.         Itís All About Jesus Christ

A.      Being filled with the knowledge of His will Ö all to Godís glory. 1:9-12

1.      So we can walk in a manner worthy of the Lord.

2.      So we can please Him in all respects.

3.      So we can bear fruit in every good work.

4.      So we can increase in the knowledge of God.

B.     Because He rescued and transferred us from the domain of darkness to His kingdom. 1:13-29

1.      In Christ we have redemption: the forgiveness of sins. v. 13-14

2.      He has all preeminence: All things created by/for Him of which/whom He is over. v. 15-20

3.      Through His preeminence He reconciled all (believing) sinners to Him. v. 21-23

C.     Paulís reasons for proclaiming (preach, evangelize) HIM. v. 24-28

1.      To be filled with the afflictions Christ did not endure.

2.      To Preach the mystery of Christ to make known the riches found in Him.

3.      To admonish and teach every man to present him complete in Christ.

II.       Itís Not About Man

A.      Note the carnal extremes:

1.      Those who minimize Christ. Vss. 8-15 (cp. 1 Tim. 6:20; 2 Cor. 10:5)

2.      Those who maximize self-made laws of righteousness. v. 16-23

B.     Either extreme jeopardizes our stand in Christ.

C.     Bottom line: grow in Christ by putting on the new man. Ch. 3

1.      Seeking things above because that is where we live. Cp. Phil. 3:19-20

2.      Consider our (fleshly) members as dead. v. 5-9 (cp. Rom. 7:14ff)

D.     This new man grows into everything Christ represents: the righteousness of God. v. 10-14


A.      Let the peace of Christ rule your hearts. v. 15

B.     Let Godís word richly dwell in you: teaching and admonishing one another. v. 16

C.     Whatever you do (cp. 1 Cor. 10:31) do all in the name of the Lord Ö giving (Him) thanks. v. 17


Glory to God in the church by Christ Jesus
Franklin Church of Christ