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Can We Trust the Bible?
Theme: Noah's Flood
Psalm 104:5-9


A.      “Noah’s Flood” is one of the world’s most fascinating accounts in human history.

1.      Unfortunately a growing population of the modern world view it as mythological.

2.      Naturally, faithful Christians believe the Bible as the inspired Word of God and accept the account inherently as historical and accurate. 2 Tim. 3:16

B.     What many ask of such biblical “stories” such as the flood is this: Can we trust the Bible?

1.      As one example we answer this question through the biblical account of Noah’s Flood. Gen. 6-8

2.      We’ll look at evidences, while they will prove nothing to the naysayer, show high probability at the catastrophic toward the dawn of human history.


I.         The Biblical Account

A.      God judged man’s wickedness. Gen. 6:1-7

B.     Only Noah (and family) have God’s favor. Gen. 6:8-18

C.     Took animals, birds, creeping things, food. Gen. 6:19-22

D.     The fountains of the great deep burst open AND rain fell forty days and nights. Gen. 7:11-12

E.     The waters prevailed over the mountains by nearly 25 feet and prevailed 150 days. Gen. 7:17-24

F.      After more than a year, Noah leaves ark. Gen. 8:14-19

G.     Noah makes an altar and worships God. Gen. 8:20-21

H.     God blesses Noah. Gen. 9:1

I.         Referred to by other people and eras:

1.      Psalmist. Psa. 104:5-9

2.      Apostle Peter. 2 Pet. 3:5-9

3.      Jesus Christ. Matt. 24:37-39

II.       Historical Accounts - Stories Around the World

A.      Comparison of Genesis and Gilgamesh

B.     China (Shu Jing: Book of Documents)

1.      Shu Jing (Book of Documents): Emperor worship of ShangDi (Heavenly Ruler) includes recitations very similar to Genesis 1.

2.      Feng-shu T’ung-yi (Comprehensive Meaning of Customs): “All people of the earth descended from ‘Nu-wa’”

C.     Stories Around the World

III.      Archaeological Accounts – Evidence uncovered

A.      Polystrate Fossils

1.       Tree: cannot be buried over thousands or millions of years, but rapidly… otherwise it would decay

2.       Many such trees, plants around the world.

B.     Whale Fossils

1.       A whale graveyard in the Egyptian Desert.

2.       A whale fossil in the Peruvian Andes.

3.       Also throughout the U.S.

C.     Gigantic Oysters

1.       Over 500 oysters in the Peruvian Andes

2.       Noticed the mouths are closed (they were buried alive: indicating immediate death)


A.      There will always be mockers (2 Pet. 3:3)…doubters ... others seeking genuine answers.

B.     In the end, you will either believe the Bible is true … or not.

C.     “Because you have seen Me, have you believed? Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed.” Jn. 20:29


Glory to God in the church by Christ Jesus
Franklin Church of Christ