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Social Networking ... and Christianity
Theme: Issues surrounding social networking and our walk with Christ
1 Corinthians 10:30-31





A.      There are more than 400 Social networking sites on the internet today.

B.     The fastest growing of these sites: Facebook, with more than 500 million active users; 5th largest population worldwide with continued exponential growth.

C.     The average user spends more than 32 minutes a day on Facebook alone.

D.     So, what does Social networking have to do with Christianity?

1.      Sermons: exhorting/warning of the potential ills associated with T.V., books, music.

2.      The difference with social networking: social interactivity.

3.      In essence it is “real” relationships via the virtual world.

E.     We look at how social networking is affecting us and what we can do about it.


I.         It Is Addicting

A.      It is shiny (new): learning how to navigate

B.     It is exciting: keeping track of all your “new” friends; learning how to make posts with the various options.

C.     After your successful writing (“blog” or “post”) there is typical anxiety to see who has viewed/responded to your post(s).

D.     Eventually for some the whole experience consumes your mind, time, energy.

E.     Soon you become a “pro” or “veteran”.

F.      Like anything else: some aren’t addicted, others are … and to varying degrees.

II.       It Encourages Self-Centeredness

A.      Christians (aka people who needed to be saved from their sins) – have a biblical need to rid self and gain Christ. Cp. Gal. 2:20

B.     While social network is about relationships much of the focus is posting about me (“MySpace”); concept of Twitter.

III.      A Breeding Ground For Gossip

A.      Social Networking posts are typically spontaneous writings.

B.     Many type without thinking…and simply hit ENTER.

C.     While some posts are deleted…many are left for the world to see your true fleshly nature… and where your true treasure rests. Prov. 18:7; Matt. 19:21

IV.    What We Can Do About It

A.      Sin lies at the door…its desire is for you… you must rule over it. cp. Gen. 4:7

B.     Determine to only have one Master… and Facebook is not it. Matt. 6:24; 2 Pet. 2:19

C.     If your right hand (social networking) causes you to sin cut it off (cancel your account). Matt. 5:30

D.     Let me be clear: social networking is not sinful in and of itself – in fact, it can be edifying.

E.     Current relationships can be enhanced in the same way we use the phone or mail.

F.      Use the Golden Rule online: Love God and your neighbor (spiritual netiquette). Matt. 22:37-39

G.     Ultimately, create posts that praise God or encourages others to praise Him. 1 Cor. 10:31


A.      If you are going to be involved with Social Networking, use it to God’s glory.

B.      Realize and fulfill your walk with Christ in all things you do. Col. 3:17


Glory to God in the church by Christ Jesus
Franklin Church of Christ