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Added to the Church?
Theme: Fundamental Questions Regarding Christ's Church


A.      Many Christians are continually asked by others about the church of which we belong.

B.      We might give them a name: “church of Christ” or “Franklin Church of Christ”.

C.      We might share personal convictions on what/why we do, or do not do certain practices.

D.      When pressed, however, some of us may not be able to answer from the Scriptures fundamental truths about the Lord’s church.

      This week we look at answering the question: How are people added to the Lord’s church?


I.        Jesus’ “Great Commission”

A.      Matthew’s account. Matt. 28:16-20

B.      Mark’s account. Mk. 16:14-20

C.      Luke’s account. Lk. 24:36-49

II.       Jesus “commissioned” His disciples … preach the gospel.

A.      This is exactly what the apostles taught as initially (Acts 2:37-41) and subsequently by His disciples. Acts 4:4, 8:4, 12, 35-39, 11:19-21

B.      When disciples preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and believers respond accordingly, the Lord (Jesus) will add to His church those being saved. Acts 2:47

III.      Today, many disciples fail to practice the commission.

A.      Many have been taught, but they haven’t learned to spread the good news. Cp. 2 Tim. 2:2

B.      Some teach everything but the pure and simple Gospel (example: doctrines that many within the body of Christ disagree which was not part of the “great commission”). Cp. Acts 8:26-39

C.      It is no wonder the church is not growing in the U.S.

D.      Population outpaces church, Bobby Ross Jr., The Christian Chronicle, , February 2007.


A.      The pure gospel is easy to teach (albeit many do not respond because the world hates the truth).

B.      The last thing disciples need to do is make it even more difficult.

C.      Instead, teach exactly what Jesus told His disciples and He will add to the church those being saved.


Glory to God in the church by Christ Jesus
Franklin Church of Christ