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Jehovah or Allah: There Is One God
(Mark 12:29)

Islam and Christianity are monotheistic religions (Surah 2:163; Mark 12:29). The agreement on One God does not mean that it is the Same God.

There is a popular misconception held by many Americans: Allah of the QUR’AN is the same entity as Jehovah of the Bible, just called by a different name. This confusion is taught by Muhammad in certain passages of the QUR’AN (Surah 2:136; 29:46). But we need to step beyond our culture’s comfort zone of religious relativism.

“Islam claims that Allah is the same God who was revealed in the Bible. This logically implies in the positive sense that the concept of God set forth in the QUR’AN will correspond in all points to the concept of God found in the Bible. This also implies in the negative sense that if the Bible and the QUR’AN have differing views of God, then Islam’s claim is false.” – Robert Morey, The Islamic Invasion

I.   Jehovah God & Allah: Different __________________

A.     Allah’s Nature: ___________________ – the belief that the deity exists in only one person 
(Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary).

B.     Islam teaches that there is no Godhead (Surah 4:171b; 9:31; 17:111).

C.     Islamic doctrine of “shirk” means ___________________________________________

1.      Surah 4:48; Surah 5:72-73; Surah 9:30; Surah 4:48

2.      What Shirk means to Christians: _____________________________________

D.     The Bible teaches that there is Godhead (Rom. 1:20; Acts 17:29).

1.      “[T]here is one essence or being, not three, but there are three distinctive subsisting personalities in the Godhead. The names Father, Son, and Holy Spirit indicate personal distinctions in the Godhead but not essential divisions in God.” – R.C. Sproul, The Mystery of the Holy Spirit.

2.      Scriptural Formulas of Godhead or Divine Nature – Matt. 28:20; 2 Cor. 13:14.

II.   Jehovah God & Allah: Different _____________________

Jehovah God




III.   Jehovah God & Allah: Different Supreme ______________________

A.     Jehovah God’s supreme revelation was Jesus Christ (John 1:1-3, 14; Heb. 1:1-3).

1.       “What Jesus is, what he taught, what he did, how he felt toward sinners, how he sacrificed himself for us – in all these things he reveals himself and the Father. By his life Jesus glorified God (John 17:4). It could not have been otherwise “for in him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily” (Col. 2:9) […] Hence, if we would know what God would say, listen to Jesus; if we would know what the Father would do, watch the Son; if we would know how God feels toward humanity, learn of Christ; in short, if we would know God, know Christ.” – K.C. Moser,  Attributes of God

B.     Jesus revealed God by His ____________________. Examples: Matt. 13; Luke 15.

C.     Jesus revealed God by His ____________________ with men (John 5:19; 14:9-11).

D.     Allah’s supreme revelation is a ____________________, the Qur’an. The extent of his manifestation is allowing people to read about how great he is. Muslims contend that the Qur’an is like Allah, uncreated and perfect in every way (Surah 85:21-22; Surah 41:41-42). But this cannot be defended.

E.     There is nothing in Islam that compares to Jehovah God’s manifestation in Jesus Christ, or can contend with His sacrifice for the world. Allah is far too transcendent and capricious to stoop to such sacrificial love.


Glory to God in the church by Christ Jesus
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