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Psalms in Song


      Today’s is a somewhat different service. Today we are going to listen to God as we simply read His word and then sing hymns derived from these readings. The N.T. teaches us to “teach and admonish one another in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs” (Col. 3:16). Thus we will all be leading in worship today as we teach each other.

TOPIC             Unite To Worship Jehovah in Psalms
READ              Psalm 95
SING                #68 HFW – Lord We Come Before You Now

TOPIC             Draw Near To God
READ              Psalm 25
SING                #125 Supp – Unto Thee O Lord

TOPIC             Refuge In The Son
READ              Psalm 2
SING                #109 Supp – You Are My All In All

TOPIC             The God of Revelation
READ              Psalm 19
SING                #439 HFW – Psalm 19

TOPIC             Our Divine Shepherd
READ              Psalm 23
SING                #375 HFW – The Lord Is My Shepherd

TOPIC             Thirsting For The Living God
READ              Psalm 42
SING                #589 HFW – As The Deer

TOPIC             Invitation – All Creation Praise God!
READ              Psalm 148

SING                #2 HFW – Hallelujah! Praise Jehovah!


Glory to God in the church by Christ Jesus
Franklin Church of Christ