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Hope for Heaven


A.      Heaven: it is too high!

1.      No one can attain this eternal dwelling place.

2.      Instead, we justly deserve God’s wrath of hell. 2 Pet. 3:10

3.      And, we should tremble at the very thought of His wrath.

B.     Through His infinite mercy, however, the hope of heaven is offered to all who are in Christ. 2 Pet. 3:11-13

1.      Instead of expecting God’s wrath we can “hope” for heaven in Jesus Christ.

2.      It is this hope that anchors us down to a steadfast walk in our fellowship with God.

C.     In this short lesson we shall note:

1.      How we receive the hope of heaven.

2.      The hope that serves as our anchor in this life.


I.         Receiving Hope

A.      It is Good News to realize ALL fall short of God’s glory. Eph. 2:11-12

1.      No one would genuinely search for salvation in Christ without acknowledging this reality!

2.      What makes the “Good News” great is the fact that God provides a way of escape from His impending wrath: this is what gives us hope. Rom. 7:23-24

B.     Through the Good News we learn that our God is faithful to keep His promise to save us.

1.      His promise to all who would believe upon His Son, Jesus Christ. Mk. 16:16

2.      His promise to all who would put their trust in Him. Tit. 3:4-7

II.       Our Anchor of Hope

A.      God’s promise becomes our anchor of hope.

1.       We keep on living in this world as pilgrims knowing it is impossible for God to lie, giving us great hope of His promise for eternal life. 2 Pet. 3:14-15a; Tit. 1:1-3

2.       This hope keeps us from venturing too far away from the teachings of the Word. Tit. 3:8

B.     Hope helps us to cope with this life’s difficulties.

1.       Knowing God’s promise of eternal life, our hope is made complete as we grow in to the image of His Son.

2.       When faced with doubts it is our hope of eternal life that keeps us from falling into apostasy.


A.      God has promised so much to those who put their trust in Him and hope is the driving force that converts, conforms, coerces the way we live until the Jesus returns.

B.      May your life be filled with hope and use this blessing through your pilgrimage on earth.


Glory to God in the church by Christ Jesus
Franklin Church of Christ