Walks with God


Fall Focus 2007 was a great success!  It was our fourth annual Fall Focus.  The theme was Walks with GodEdwin prepared a devotional book, which includes a daily reading for each of the 25 week days during the Fall Focus.  Each family that participated in the Fall Focus received a copy of this book.  He also presented the following 12 lessons to help us on our journey to Heaven:

Getting to Know God (09/30/07)

Worshipping God (09/30/07)

Jesus: The Fullness of Deity (10/07/07)

Rendering to God (10/07/07)

Led by the Spirit (10/14/07)

We Need God (10/14/07)

Walking with God (10/21/07)

Loving God (10/21/07)

Waiting on God (10/28/07)

Relying on God (10/28/07)

Confessing God (11/04/07)

Praising God: A Lesson in Scripture Reading, Prayer, and Song (11/04/07)

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