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Happy Thanksgiving
... for all our spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus.
Ephesians 1:3-11


A.      Our country will celebrate another day of “Thanksgiving.”

1.      Many might have forgotten – or never learned – the origin of our national holiday.

B.     Of even greater importance: Christians remembering our beginning “in Christ.”


I.         He Chose us in Him. V. 4

With thanksgiving we should live holy and blameless lives.

II.       He Predestined Us. V. 5

With thanksgiving we should behave like children of God.

III.      We Have Redemption and Forgiveness. V. 7

We should give thanks for God’s grace upon our lives.

IV.    We Know the Mystery Of His Will. V. 9

With thanksgiving we should make known the grace of God.

V.      We Obtained an Inheritance. V. 11

With thanksgiving we should treat our inheritance as priceless!

VI.    We Are Sealed. V. 13

With thanksgiving we praise God for being His prized possessions in Christ!


A.      There are so many reasons for us to “give thanks:” both as citizens of our country, but especially in the heavenly kingdom.

B.      May our lives reflect a life of thanksgiving for being found in our Savior.


Glory to God in the church by Christ Jesus
Franklin Church of Christ