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Spiritual Doldrums


A.      It Happens

1.      Something happens (or, doesn’t happen) and we simply shut down.

2.      We become stagnant, listless, despondent.

3.      We feel like the sailors traveling through the equator’s doldrums.


I.         Entering the Doldrums

A.      When in this state of lifelessness you find yourself no longer …

1.      Stimulating your brethren (or, being stirred up by them). Heb. 10:24-25

2.      Manifesting or receiving love. Heb. 13:1

B.     This spirit is in desperate need of restoration.

II.       In the Doldrums

A.      Once you’ve entered the doldrums things can become even more disheartening.

1.       It is easy to become dissatisfied about things/others.

2.       You now search (and find) things that confirm/validate your dissatisfaction.

3.       Worst, some end up leaving for something “better;” for “greener pastures;” as a means out of their doldrums.

III.      Getting Through the Doldrums

A.      Stir up love and good works. cp. Rom. 12:10

B.     Do not grow weary doing good. Gal. 6:9-10

C.     Think on things … for the purpose of serving and glorifying our God. Phil. 4:8-9


A.      Those who don’t want to be in this situation: there is hope. Rom. 8:28

B.      Those who know but don’t care to get out: there is no hope until the desire returns.


Glory to God in the church by Christ Jesus
Franklin Church of Christ