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Theme: Essential Tools for Spiritual Living


A.      It is biblically imperative that the Lord’s church be equipped if it is to effectively minister.

B.     The question we must answer, what does “equipped” look like?

C.     Breaking It Down

1.      Searching the noun form of the root word (Equip) leaves much to be desired.



2.      By searching the verb form, however, we see an array of uses of this word.











By understanding the verb form of the root word (katarti) throughout the N.T., we can glean a broader sense of application of the word (Equipped) as intended in Ephesians 4:12.



A.      Mending our Lives

1.      The idea of “equipping” includes the imagery of mending. cp. Matt. 4:21

2.      Jesus came for the sick because they needed to be made “whole”. Matt. 9:12

3.      As Christians we need to be equipped (mended) if we are to effectively serve one another.


A.      United with Others

1.       Quarreling (division) with one another does not produce an effective body of believers.  Unity does. 1 Cor. 1:10

2.       Equipped Christians promote peace and work toward unity. cp. Eph. 4:13


A.      Being Fully Trained

1.       The goal of our lives is to be made into the image of our Christ.

2.       This happens when we – as disciples of Jesus – are fully trained by Him. Lk. 6:40

3.       That is the image of the mature “man.” Eph. 4:13


A.      We now should have a well-rounded view of what being equipped means.

1.      Repaired.

2.      Reconcilers.

3.      Like our Rabbi.

B.      We can best serve as God desires when we’re fully equipped.


Glory to God in the church by Christ Jesus
Franklin Church of Christ