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The Church and Evangelism
Romans 12:1-8


      It is a nice thought that every person in the Lord’s church would have an overwhelming conviction to share the gospel.

      The reality is that God has a diverse body with each precious soul having differing gifts useful for His Kingdom.


I.         Diverse Gifts For Evangelism

A.      Many Do Not Have “The Gift”

1.      Not everyone has the gift to evangelize.

a.      Some aren’t effective communicators.

b.      Some can’t reason through Scriptures.

c.      These things can be learned/improved. Matt. 25:16

2.      It may be that you shouldn’t evangelize. 1 Cor. 9:16

B.     You Can Still Help!

1.      There are diverse ways to help. Cp. Rom. 12:1-8

a.      Desire to be a living sacrifice. v. 1

b.      Use the gift(s) God has blessed you for this noble cause. Vss. 4ff

II.       Ways to Help In Evangelism

A.      How The Church Gets Involved

1.       Hospitality

2.       Fervent prayers

3.       Encouragers

4.       Helpers: baby sitters, Graphic Designers, etc.


      If you desire and are able to evangelize … do it to God’s glory.

      If you’re not able but are blessed with means to help accomplish our evangelistic efforts … let your talents be used to God’s glory.


Glory to God in the church by Christ Jesus
Franklin Church of Christ