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Our Relationship with God


A.      Commercials give great insight into our lives:

1.      Buy this and your life will be so much happier.

2.      Go on this vacation and your troubles go away.

3.      Take this medicine and get “healthy.”

4.      The fact is, we still have trials, health problems, and whatever trouble faces man.

B.     When looking at life from eternity everything here on earth can seem vain.

1.      Solomon’s experiences of life lead to his conclusion: all is vanity. Ecc. 1:1-2, 13-17

2.      What he meant was: all is vanity … without God.

C.     To enjoy life on earth as God intended we’ll need to know Him first and foremost.

1.      This leaves out many in this world and their lives are a testament to this fact.

2.      The troubling part, however, is when Christians fail to enjoy a life in Christ as God intends.

3.      With God, however, not only can life be enjoyed, you walk with meaningful purpose (and hope!).


I.         Many Do Not Enjoy Life to the Fullest As God Intends

A.      Many in this world go through life without a fulfilled life.

1.      They come to a point in their life and realize a gaping void, a meaningless life … in search for something more: drugs, illicit relationships, etc. … pleasure.

2.      Many don’t look beyond their selfish desires even though most long for something beyond what they currently have.

B.     The exception to the rule: some go through this life “full” but end it empty. Cp. Lk. 12:16-21

C.     Most important for us to contemplate: why would Christians not have a fulfilling life in Christ?

1.      Too many in the Lord’s church have such a negative outlook on life.

2.      This negative outlook runs contrary to the hope that can only be found through a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

3.      Of great importance is how this affects relationships this person has with others and God! Cp. Matt. 22:37-39

D.     Why?  Because they have yet to enjoy a genuine relationship with God.

1.      A mental/academic (“Bible study”) understanding is not enough! Jas. 2:19

2.      There needs to be a “spiritual understanding.” Cp. Col. 1:9-12

3.      That understanding only comes when we are converted into the image of His Son. Rom. 8:29; Ecc. 3:11

4.      This is what distinguishes our relationship with God. Cp. Rom. 9:21, 23

II.       All Endeavors and Relationships With God Are Profitable

A.      Those who live to please God are blessed by Him. Ecc. 2:24-26

1.       We receive wisdom, knowledge, and joy. V. 26

2.       We are able to bear fruit in a manner pleasing to God.

3.       We are able to have an amazing attitude when faced with both the trials of life and those as a result of being in Christ. Jas. 1:2; Rom. 8:28 (1 Pet. 4:12ff)

B.     Only with a genuine relationship with God can we be:

1.       Vessels of mercy and honor ... and glory.

2.       Attractive by those without hope in this world.

3.       A true means of encouragement and strength among those in the body of Christ.


A.      Brethren, consider your endeavors of life, but especially your relationship with God.

B.      Is it genuine?  If not, it is in vain.


Glory to God in the church by Christ Jesus
Franklin Church of Christ