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Hope Through the
Resurrection of Jesus Christ


A.      One of the most fundamental doctrines of Christianity centers around the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

1.      If false, Christianity is a fraud at the very least, and a most destructive heresy.

2.      Because of it, however, the gospel message makes Christianity the only legitimate religion assuring everlasting life to all who believe in Jesus as the risen Christ. Jn. 3:3, 14-15


I.         Importance of the Resurrection

A.      This morning we look at:

1.      The importance of the resurrection as seen in Scripture.

2.      The absolute hope it manifests to all who belief in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

B.     Resurrection believed centuries before Christ:

1.      Job: looked forward to seeing God after death. Job. 19:26; 14:13-14

2.      David: confidence beyond the grave. Psa. 16:10 (Peter: Acts 2:25-27; Paul: Acts 13:32-35)

3.      Daniel: proclaimed God’s faithful people would awake to everlasting life. Dan. 12:2

C.     Jesus Himself taught about the resurrection.

1.      He rebuked the Sadducees for their ignorance/unbelief regarding the resurrection. Matt. 22:23-32

2.      Regarding Judgment Day Jesus spoke emphatically about the resurrection. Jn. 5:28-29

D.     The fact of the Christ’s resurrection is central to the gospel. 1 Cor. 15:1-11

1.      Evidence (eye-witnesses) for His resurrection was overwhelming. V. 3-8

2.      If there is no resurrection then all preaching/believing is vain (profitless) and we’re still living in sin. V. 17

3.      Worse, if there is no resurrection we are the most pitiful of all men! V. 19

II.       Hope Through the Resurrection

A.      We cheat ourselves (and others) if our faith is limited to simply acknowledging the belief of Christ’s resurrection.

B.     This knowledge/belief should spring hope with every endeavor you do while living here.

C.     It should relieve you of all fear when people conspire against you.

D.     It should bring joy in the purpose for which you live in Christ… of which the world could never understand.

E.     The song: Resurrection (Richard L. Morrison)

1.       Stanza 1When Jesus stood at Lazarus’ tomb and none believed He had the pow’r…Despite their grief and their disbelief, He commanded, “Take away the stone.”

2.       Stanza 2When Jesus lay in Joseph’s tomb and none believed He had the pow’r… True love spoke forth in a Father’s voice, And the angel took away the stone.

3.       Stanza 3When I shall lie with in my tomb and none believe He has the pow’r, The Lord Himself will descend from heav’n with a shout to take away the stone.


A.      The resurrection of Jesus Christ should be the center of your faith, hope, and life in Christ.

B.      May it bring you great joy, comfort, and confidence every time we sing about our resurrected Lord.


Glory to God in the church by Christ Jesus
Franklin Church of Christ