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The Purpose of God in Suffering


A.      Imagine a life where there is …

1.      No pain or heartaches to deal with.

2.      Nothing to worry about.

3.      Sounds a bit like heaven, doesn’t it?

B.     In our effort to avoid pain and suffering we strive to make this world as comfortable a place to live.

1.      We crave activities that are “fun” and enjoyable.

2.      This lifestyle – over time – brings about a fond attachment to this world.

C.     This lifestyle makes it difficult for us to see God’s purpose for suffering in our lives. Cp. Ecc. 7:4

D.     In this lesson:

1.      We look at our natural desire to steer clear from pain and suffering.

2.      Note that when we look beyond our lives we begin to see God's purpose in pain and suffering.



A.      In our modern western culture life is centered on comfort:

1.      Our meals and refreshments: easy to attain; ‘comfort foods’.

2.      Our homes and cars: luxurious and comfortable.

B.     We strive to avoid pain and suffering altogether.

1.      Youth sports: so that no one suffers the agony of defeat: trophies for all.

2.      Medicines: instant comfort for our aches and pain.

3.      Parent-child relationships: forgo ‘tough love’ to avoid our/their pain and suffering.

C.     None of the above are wrong …

1.      It does, underscore a general mindset that affects how we view pain and suffering.

2.      In the end our attitude becomes one of self-sufficiency – in need of nothing or anyone else … including God.

3.      NOTE: a lack of trials in our lives makes for greater difficulty coping with the realities of pain and suffering.

D.     Our Natural Desire: Avoid Pain and Suffering

1.      We become attached to the comforts of this life …

2.      When trials that result in pain and suffering come: we have difficulty coping with its realities.


A.      It causes us to look INWARD

1.       Chronic comfort makes it is difficult to see beyond our personal circumstances.

2.       Yet, pain and suffering finds us all and causes us to look inward and realize our end.

3.       Looking inward helps us realize we are lacking and need to look elsewhere for relief from our pain and suffering. Jas. 4:14

B.     It causes us to look UPWARD

1.       When we are faced with pain and suffering we naturally look to beyond ourselves for comfort.

2.       If we look up to the heavens we will find a God who longs to be our Comforter.

3.       He provides us comfort through all our trials. 2 Cor. 1:3-4

C.     It causes us to look OUTWARD

1.      Looking outward is the beginning of selflessness.

2.      Having looked upward to God we learn of love in providing us eternal comfort through Jesus. 2 Thess. 2:16

3.      Looking outward moves us to imitate our God of comfort by comforting others in need. cp. 2 Cor. 1:4


A.      Living only for ‘self’ makes it difficult to see God.

B.      Pain and suffering, however, have a way for those who look beyond themselves to find God’s purpose in it. Matt. 5:3-6


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