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Letter to Thessalonica:
Be Faithful, the Lord Is Coming



A.      About the Thessalonian letters:

1.      OCCASION

a.     There 3 Sabbaths, maybe longer…

b.     Story in Acts 17

c.     Anxious for those left behind – trials

d.     Timothy & Silas remain there to teach


a.     Not doctrinal

b.     Not controversial

c.     Gentle, affectionate

d.     Letter of consolation in face of opposition

      Be faithful and watch yourselves … do right.


I.         1 Thessalonians

A.      You have done so well (1:2-8)

        1:9-10 – wait for His Son from heaven

B.     Our work and your response (2:1-16)

        2:17-20 – you … at His coming

C.     Timothy brought a good report (3:1-10)

        3:11-13 – blameless at the coming of our Lord

D.     Abound more and more (4:1-12)

        4:13 – 5:11 – don’t worry, we’ll all meet the  Lord

E.     Help each other & be helped (5:12-22)

        5:23-24 – be sanctified at the coming of our Lord

II.       2 Thessalonians

A.      You will be vindicated!   1:3-12

        Take heart!

B.     His return is not immediate!   2:1-12

        Be steadfast!

C.     This is your eternal purpose!   2:13-17

        Stay focused!

D.     Do not grow weary in doing good!   3:6-15

        Do right!


      The Lord is Coming!  Nothing else matters.


Glory to God in the church by Christ Jesus
Franklin Church of Christ