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Letter to Philippi:
Serving the Lord in All Joy


      What would the Lord say to a church that’s got things together, a church that’s doing well, a good church?  What would God tell a faithful and a well-established church?  That’s what we find in the letter to the church at Philippi.  The complimentary words of the apostle Paul are not just the way Paul feels about the church at Philippi, it’s the way God feels about the church at Philippi.


I.         You are doing great … my prayer:  (Phil. 1:1-11)

A.      Paul’s gratitude:   (v.3-8)

1.      Fellowship in the gospel

2.      Partakers in the work, suffering and grace

B.     Paul’s prayer:   (v.9-11)

1.      Love abound in knowledge & discernment

2.      Approve things that are excellent

3.      Be sincere

4.      Filled with fruit of righteousness

II.       To live is Christ – to die is gain! (Phil. 1:12-30)

A.      Prison … furtherance of the gospel   (v.12-14)

B.     Selfish, insincere teachers … teach!  (v.14-18)

C.     Executed - released … both  good!  (v.19-26)

      Let your conduct be worthy of the gospel  (v.27-30)  Let it go.  Stuff doesn’t matter.  Think spiritually, selflessly, godly.

III.      Look out for the interests of others! (Phil. 2:1-11)

A.      Fulfill expectation of the gospel.   (v.1-2)

B.     It’s not about me!  (v.3-4)

C.     Adopt the mind & conduct of Christ.  (v.5-11)

      True disciples look and act like the Master!  The bigger, better, stronger the church … the easier to adopt a served rather than serve attitude!

IV.    Work out your own salvation! (Phil. 2:12-30)

A.      Not matter if anybody is looking.   (v.12)

B.     With fear and trembling!   (v.12)

C.     Without murmuring & complaining.   (v.14)

D.     You are not really alone

1.      God   (v.13)

2.      Paul   (v.16-18)

3.      Timothy & Epaphroditus   (v.19-30)

      Quit complaining & get to work!

V.      Count all things loss for Christ and Press on to the goal! (Phil. 3:1–4:1)

A.      Rejoice – in the Lord – not other stuff  (v.1-7)

B.     Nothing here compares to eternal life (v.8-11)

C.     Keep pushing – more/better.   (v.12-16)

D.     There are good & bad examples   (v.17- 4:1)

      Still thinking spiritually.  Still living eternally.

VI.    I can do all things through Christ! (Phil. 4:2-20)

A.      Work  out your troubles.   (v.2-3)

B.     Rejoice…be gentle…pray!   (v.4-7)

C.     Get your heart right.   (v.8-9)

D.     Learn contentment.   (v.10-20)

      All about attitude!


A.      Serving the Lord in all Joy!

1.      Get focused and pursue spiritual growth.

2.      Joy & selfless service no matter what.

3.      Keep giving for others, always.

4.      Don’t complain … get to work.

5.      Think spiritually and act eternally.

6.      With the right attitude – it’s all good.


Glory to God in the church by Christ Jesus
Franklin Church of Christ