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God Is

Text:  Origin of Life – Genesis 1:1-31

 “Where did all things come from?” More importantly, “Where did I (man) come from?

We know the Biblical answers:  “In the beginning God created…”

Genesis 1: All branches of Science Originated Here --  (Geology, Astrology, Botany, Zoology, etc.)

1-6  Heavens & Earth / Light / Day & Night

7-8  Firmament / Atmosphere above Waters

9-13  Earth & Seas / Vegetation

14-19  Sun, Moon, Stars

20-23  Sea Creatures & Winged Birds

24-31  Animals & Man

God was the only one there when it all began; therefore He is the One to tell us about it. Many of scientists and school teachers will not accept His explanation.

Look at some possibilities:

Man is eternal (No Credible Adherents to this view)

Man was created as man (Biblical view – Genesis 1)

Man evolved from created substances (Theistic evolution)

Man evolved from lover forms of life which came from non-living substances (Macro-evolution).

Define terms:

“Macro-evolution” is a term applied to the sources or origins of new species of organisms.  It even reaches to the origins of life itself.

“Micro-evolution” is a term applied to changes in existing species of organisms.  This includes development through breeding, etc.

LIFE came from either:

Natural causes (Life, in all its forms, emerged from simple, non-living substances by natural means – “macro-evolution”);  or from,

Intelligent design (Life is the result of intelligent creation and was bestowed upon matter; matter was acted upon by an external, intelligent designer).

Dealing with the Evidence:

Is it more reasonable to believe that the universe came into being by chance or by intelligent design?  We must be honest with science that is true science.  Some a-theistic scientists posit that if you bring intelligence into the picture, you cannot test it scientifically.

I believe we observe the evidence of intelligent design in the things we test every day… just as they say we see evidence of spontaneous macro-evolution.

Example #1: Mount Rushmore

No matter how much time passes… weather beats on the rocks… erosion takes place… water runs over it, not going to form heads of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. Science finds evidence of intelligent design …it acted on those rocks to shape them.  No reputable geologist would conclude otherwise… That is science!!!

Example #2: Forensic Science

Scientists look at the evidence to see if man caused death or natural death.  Science can tell if there was design in the death of a human being.

Charles Darwin

In 1831, Darwin sailed on a planned 5-year survey expedition for on the HMS Beagle to the Galapagos Islands. There he observed animals never seen by man before. Twenty-five years later, in 1859, he wrote  “On the Origin of Species.”  In this book, Darwin takes the position that all life is from the same natural source, the product of undirected natural forces, time, chance, and natural selection. He said that the biological changes which produced life and the living forms we see, took place over long periods of time in small changes passed along to descendants one at a time.

Darwin designed what he called a “tree of life.” The question:  Is it a tree coming from a single natural source;  or is it a forest of trees (different species) all coming from a common designer though created separately.

So let’s look at some evidence – DNA (dioxi-ribo-nucleac-acid).

It is one of the substances in every living cell that contains information in chains of substances… sufficient information to tell the cell what to do to reproduce and to keep the organism alive as it is. There are basically four different kinds of substances on the sides which interlock with other substances. Up and down the chains, because of the order of those particular sidebars, there is lots of information about that cell and about the organism that it orders.

There is a code for how to read DNA that has been discovered. Forensic science uses this every day. Darwin did not know what we know about DNA.

The Genetic Code: 

The DNA language only three letters… and every combination of those three letters means something… The code allows you to build proteins in your body in exactly the right way for your body which is unique. Our question is, “In your wildest imagination, can you reasonably conclude that this just happened?”  Did it occur naturally (that is, that nature by itself produced this system) or did some intelligence design it?

In this code is an amino acid that says, “start reading.” If you had a long chain of three letter words (amino acids), you would need to know where to begin in putting them in order… you don’t know where the chain starts and where the chain ends… If you start at one place, you would get a different protein than if you started somewhere else.  You also need a “stop reading” word.  There are hundreds of thousands!

The DNA has to unzip (come apart) so you can read it (one side or both sides) … then a copy is made (messenger RNA) copies what is on the code of the DNA.  A very specific protein makes it unzip.  Another copies it.  Another protein stretches it out as it unzips.  Another holds it straight while it is copied. Another helps the copy be made.  The copy needs to be cleaned up.  That is called processing.  That helps it to be a mature RNA messenger.  The messengers have to go outside the nucleus.  Not everything can get through these openings.   Only special messengers.  What allows them to get through.  Proteins programmed to let them through.  Once outside they are picked up by the ribosomes.  In the ribosomes, it builds molecules that come out of the ribosomes.  These are proteins which are chains of amino acids… Does that sound like RANDOM CHANCE to you?  And one cell has trillions of pieces of information like this in it.  And all produced in the body in seconds.

Caryl P. Haskin, American Scientist, p. 298, 309

“Did the code and the means of translating it appear simultaneously in evolution?  It seems almost incredible that any such coincidences could have occurred, given the extraordinary complexities of both sides and the requirement that they be coordinated accurately for survival… By a pre-Darwinian (or a skeptic of evolution after Darwin), this puzzle surely would have been interpreted as the most powerful sort of evidence for special creation.”


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