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Cornelius' Conversion
(Acts 10:1 - 11:18)


*      We remember those who do things first:
Neil Armstrong -- first man on moon
George Washington -- first president

*      Cornelius was the first Gentile convert to Christianity.

*      We learn from Cornelius that . . .


I.      Salvation is needed by EVERYONE and available to ALL

         A.      Needed by ALL

                  Acts 10:1-8 -- Cornelius

         Rom 3:23 Ė All have sinned

B.     Available to ALL

         Acts 10:9-16 -- Peterís vision

         Rom 1:16 Ė gospel is the power of salvation to everyone

Two broad groups:

Family, neighbors, friends, co-workers

Prostitutes, drug dealers, murderers, liars

II.      Morality, miraculous events or prayer alone will NOT save

         A.      Morality is not enough

                  10:2 -- Cornelius a devout man

                  10:30 -- He fasted

                  10:31 -- He prayed and gave alms

                  10:24 -- His influence on others

         B.      Miraculous not involved

                  10:3 -- Cornelius saw an angel

         C.      Prayer alone is not enough

                  10:4-5 -- God recognized his prayers; He told to send for Peter

III.     Hearing the truth, obedience to God, and immersion in water WILL save

         A.      Hearing

                  11:13-14 -- speak words by which saved

                  Heb 11:6 -- must have faith

                  Rom 10:17 -- faith comes by word of God

         B.      Obedience -- baptism

                  10:47-48 -- baptized

                  Acts 22:16 -- Paulís conversion

                  Matt 28:19-20 -- great comission

         C.      Immersion

                  Acts 8:38-39 -- eunuch

                  Romans 6:3-4 -- buried

                  Mark 16:15-16 -- believe and baptized

IV.     The Holy Spirit was not given to save but to indicate Godís approval

         A.      Coming of H.S.



         B.      Why did H.S. come?

                  a.      God showing salvation open to all; 2 instances in NT (Acts 2 & 10)

                  b.      Not to save Cornelius -- he was baptized in water

                  c.      Purpose -- Gentiles fit for Kingdom

                           Acts 11:2-4

                           Acts 11:18


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