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Do You Trust God?


      Can I share with you what has been one of my crowning moments as a parent? I very much want my children to trust me. Therefore, when my children demonstrate that they do trust me, I feel like I am doing something right. When Tessa was two and a half years old, Brad, my brother, and I were playing with some toy light sabers (keep in mind that Brad was 14 at the time and I was still 14 at heart). Brad accidentally let go of his toy light saber and hit Tessa beneath her right eye, giving her about a one inch gash. When we took her to the doctor, this strange man started to come at her eye with a needle. She was hysterical. Instead of having to strap her down, I calmly explained the situation to her and reminded her that I was nearby. I would not allow this man to do anything harmful to her. I explained that he was going to numb her cut with a shot and the needle might hurt but it was necessary for him to fix her cut. Then I explained that he was going to sew her cut shut. However, none of this would work if she continued to scream and wiggle. She needed to be quiet and lay still. Then I asked her those words which are most important to meóďDo you trust me, Tessa?Ē She was still crying, but said, ďYes, sir.Ē Then the doctor gave her the shot, sewed her up and she laid there perfectly. When done, the doctor looked at me and said that either I was a good dad or I must beat my kids enough that they are terrified of me. But I was walking on cloud nine. My daughter trusted me and I hope she still trusts me that implicitly. Knowing that feeling, as a father, I can imagine that God has that same hope. He wants us, as His children, to trust Him implicitly and absolutely. Do you trust God? Do you trust Him with your life and your very soul?


I.         We can trust God.

A.      We can trust God because He cannot lie (Hebrews 6:18). He always tells the truth and He always keeps His promises (Deuteronomy 7:9).

B.     We can trust God because He is able to do whatever we need and whatever He has promised. Ephesians 3:20-21 explains that He can do far more than we can even imagine.

C.     We can trust God because He loves us and has our best interests at heart. According to Matthew 7:9-11, Jesus described Godís care for us. He will not give us bad gifts, but good ones. Further, He demonstrated His willingness by sending His Son (Romans 5:8-10).

D.     We can trust God because He has demonstrated His trustworthiness time and again. The entire Bible is filled with stories in which God gave promises and fulfilled them. Look at Hebrews 11 to see examples of Godís faithfulness to the faithful.

II.       Trusting God: A survey of Hebrews 11.

A.      Follow wherever God leads: Abraham-Hebrews 11:8. The amazing thing about Abraham is God told him to go and he did not know where he was going. But he trusted God, so he went and was happy to go wherever God would take him. That is trusting God. Are you willing to go wherever God leads?

B.     Accept Godís word: Noah-Hebrews 11:7. Noah had never seen a flood. It is possible that Noah had never even seen rain. Yet, when God told him what was coming, Noah did not question, he did not complain, he did not whine. He simply accepted what God said and followed His instruction, even when he probably did not understand how the whole world could be destroyed by water. That is trusting God. Do you accept Godís word even when it does not fit your preconceived notions?

C.     Ignore momentary pleasure of sin: Moses-Hebrews 11:24-26. Moses had it allóas far as the world is concerned. But to lead that life would have been sinful. He was one of Godís chosen  and he needed to live that way. He recognized that turning his back on Jehovah would provide pleasure for a moment. However, trusting God would provide eternal reward. That is trusting God. Do you ignore the pleasure of sin, believing Godís reward is better than sinís reward?

D.     Trust Godís promises: Sarah-Hebrews 11:11. I find this verse most comforting, because we all know Sarahís first response to hearing about having a baby was laughing (Genesis 18:12). Yet we learn that she did trust God. She had to overcome some doubts, but in the end her trust won out. Trusting God means trusting His promises. If He said Sarah would have a baby, then she would have one. If He says all things will work together for good for those who love Him, then they will. If He says an inheritance in heaven awaits those who are kept by faith, then it does. If He says He will provide the needs for those who seek first His kingdom and righteousness, then He will. That is trusting God. Do you trust Godís promises?

E.     Hold on to Godís promises, planning for them: Joseph-Hebrews 11:22. But trusting God goes further than just claiming we believe His promises. Trusting God means living and acting based on them. Joseph believed God when He said the Israelites would return to Canaan, therefore he instructed the children of Israel to carry his bones back with them when they finally returned. That is trusting God. Do you live as though you believe Godís promises?

F.      Fear God, not men: Jochobed, Amram and Moses-Hebrews 11:23, 27. Jochobed and Amram worked to keep Moses alive despite the kingís command to kill the male children. When Moses grew up, he left Egypt along with Israelites, but he did not fear the king and his army following them. He trusted God. More than that he feared God. Jochobed, Amram and Moses would rather face the wrath of the king than the wrath of God. Therefore, they obeyed God, trusting Him even in the face of wicked men. That is trusting God. Do you obey God even when it upsets people around you?

G.     Undergo trial and testing: Abraham Hebrews 11:17. We learn from Abraham that we cannot actually claim to trust God until our trust has been tried. Faith is forged in the crucible of fire. Abraham learned this when God asked him to kill the only son who fit the promise. But he would do what God said, trusting His promises and acting on them, no matter how much it hurt personally and no matter how much he could not understand it. It is easy to claim we trust God when the sailing is smooth, but only when we are tried is trust made true. A Jewish Rabbi has said regarding Job, another example of faith, ďFaith like Jobís cannot be shaken because it is the result of having been shaken.Ē Abraham would have killed his own son for God. That is trusting God. Do you submit to God even when it hurts?

H.     Leave ďhome countryĒ behind: Abraham and Sarah-Hebrews 11:13-16. These verses are surprising because Abraham and Sarah did not receive all their promises while still alive. They did not own the land of Canaan, they had not become a mighty nation and the Messiah had not yet been born. But they continued accepting Godís word, following Godís lead and trusting Godís promises even when they did not happen on their time table. Because of their trust, they never looked back to Ur of the Chaldeans or to Haran. They remained where God sent them. Because we have trusted God, we have been transferred out of the kingdom of darkness into Godís kingdom of light. But we must not look back. Remember Lotís wife, she looked back and became a pillar of salt. Abraham and Sarah stuck with God for the long haul. That is trusting God. Are you looking ahead and keeping your eyes on God?


       Why should we trust God? Hebrews 11:16 explains. When we trust God, living out that trust, then He is not ashamed to be our God and then He has prepared a city for us. If we desire Godís inheritance, then we must maintain our trust, being kept by our faith (I Peter 1:5). Do you trust God? He is holding your hand and calmly quieting your fears. He is telling you how to live and face the terrors that come your way. But you have to listen to Him and you have to trust Him. Do you trust God?


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